Email Marketing

Is great to deliver a cost-effective message to a group to help develop a desired response.

Talk to Your Customer Base

Are you talking to your customer base regularly? Imagine having a sale and telling each client one at a time when they walk through your door, or if you called them one by one. Of course, you are going to talk to your regulars, but what about telling everyone who has made a purchase from you in the past year with one beautiful email? We can help you foster meaningful audience experiences with purposeful, value-driven email content.

Email is one of the best methods a business can use to interact with customers on a personal level. The digital marketing experts at 1SEO Digital Agency can help your company develop and deploy customized email campaigns tailored to your target audience. We will monitor the performance of your campaigns and continually generate value by helping your business build successful email campaigns.

When you choose us as your email marketing company, you gain the benefit of personalized attention and customized services. Our team focuses on the business objectives most important to you. Looking to increase revenue? Want to grow your mailing list? Want to spread brand awareness? We can tailor your email marketing strategies to support your goals. Our email marketing services serve as versatile tools for growing your business.

Let’s talk about your email campaign strategy.

Don’t wait on developing that email list and start today. We can help. Call us today and schedule a call to get started.

Design beautiful campaigns

Easily create emails with our drag-and-drop builder or use our pre-designed templates that are impactful and relevant but most importantly save you time.

Smart segmentation

Engage with your audience effectively by segmenting. Improve your conversions or sales by targeting a smaller subset of your contacts to align content with exactly what they need.

Send Time Optimization

Our AI-powered system will maximize your engagement by sending emails at the perfect time.

Real-time reports

Keep tabs on how your campaigns are performing. Dig deeper into insights to make smart decisions for future campaigns.

Do more with Automation

Automate repetitive tasks to reach the right person at the right time without delay. Build custom automated workflows for emails and customer experiences.

Consistently improve with A/B testing

Send the best version of your email campaign, every time. A/B testing leads to higher open rates and more conversions for your emails.

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